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About Train Ambulance Service in Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal having the third-largest urban economy of India. During the British Colonial Rule, this city was very popular among the Englishmen. Paddy is the main crop of this city. This city belongs to metropolitan city in India, therefore, all the medium of transportation is well-developed either it is aerial or it is the road. There are many super-specialty hospitals and trauma care centers where people get their first and major medical treatment. Ansh Ambulance Service is one of the 24/7 Hours attached emergency patients’ transportation services where the people always make a call.

Ansh Train Ambulance Service in Kolkata is the biggest demanding Railway Line Medical Evacuation Service presently. This ambulance service company is registered and authorized to take care of any department of emergency patients. This ambulance service operates the entire setup of ICU inside the train where the emergency patient can easily survive during the transportation. This ambulance company is standing with the expert lady ICU Specialists Team who give the proper response and full-time medication for the emergency patients. Doctors, Paramedical technicians, Medical Personnel, and ICU Nurses are the parts of this Train Ambulance Service. In accordance with the patients’ requirements, this ambulance company provides her medical team unit to monitor the patient.

Ansh Ambulance Service is the emerging name in the profession of medical transportation therefore it takes a humble response for every society of patient. This ambulance company is well-established with all the emergency equipment sets in which Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Infusion Machine, Suction Machine, Nebulizer, Oxygen Cylinder, Ambu Bags, Nasal Masks, Laryngoscope, and Emergency Medicines are at the top priority. The adjustment of medical setup is carried from one bed to the other bed until the patient had not got his destination.

How much a person can spend on this Train Ambulance Service from Kolkata to Delhi or the other metropolitan city?

Basically, a person can spend at least a cost to transfer his patient from Kolkata to another metropolitan city. The cost of Train Ambulance Service is only a few more than Ground ALS Ambulance Service if we discuss Medical Team. The ICU Specialists doctors and ICU Paramedical technicians feel easy by Train for a long journey. Therefore, they easily move along with the patient for any long medical journey. Ground ALS Ambulance Service takes time, jostling, and closed-environment therefore it is tedious. Coming to the point of how much a person will have to spend on this Train Ambulance Medical Journey.
The following is the list of Cost of Train Ambulance Service from Kolkata:

  • Train Ambulance Service Cost from Kolkata to Delhi: INR 90000K (Full-ICU Package) & INR 55000K (Semi-ICU Package)
  • Train Ambulance Service Cost from Kolkata to Mumbai: INR 10500 (Full-ICU Package) & INR 65000K (Semi-ICU Package)

The above cost of Train Ambulance Service is a marginal cost where it can fluctuate in accordance with any other need. By the way, the people can ensure themselves that they can be eligible for it.

What are the benefits of Train Ambulance Service in India?

It is a good question what the benefits of Train Ambulance Service in India are. First of all, we will have to understand that there is no Train Ambulance Service in India. The private ambulance service provider gets four berths reserved in Class 2AC or 1AC to carry the patient as well as the medical care. The entire set of portable emergency equipment sets are produced inside the train for the patient’s care. One doctor and one Paramedical Technician treat the patient during the whole medical journey. One attendant also travel along with us that is the patient’s relative.
Now, we will discuss the genuine benefits of Train Ambulance Service.

  1. There is no fear of infection inside the train.
  2. There is an open environment for patient.
  3. There is more space inside the train.
  4. There is no fear of jostling in Train.
  5. It saves much time in comparison with Road.
  6. There is best ICU Team to care for the patient.
  7. We can shift patient anywhere in India.
Is the Medical Team as same as Air Ambulance Service in Train Ambulance?

It is not guaranteed but the maximum time sure that the medical team of Train Ambulance Service is as same as Air Ambulance Service. Generally, the private aeromedical team also shifts the patient by Train Ambulance Service. There is no discrimination between Air Ambulance Medical Team and Train Ambulance Team. Both Air and Train Ambulance keeps an MD doctor and one trained ICU Paramedical Technician. On the basis of the ICU Team, we can easily say that Aeromedical Medical Team is the same as the Train Ambulance.

A list of Train Ambulance Service from Kolkata

Kolkata-New Delhi (12301/RAJDHANI EXPRES)

Kolkata-Mumbai (12262/CSMT DURONTO EX)

Kolkata-Vellore (12863/HWH YPR EXPRESS)

Kolkata-Chennai (12841/SHM MAS SUF EXP)

Kolkata-Bangalore (12863/HWH YPR EXPRESS)

Kolkata-Hyderabad (18045/SHM HYB EXP)

Kolkata-Chandigarh (12311/NETAJI EXPRESS)

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