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Best Home Nursing Care Services in Patna

Nursing Care at Home or Home Nursing Care is one of the most demanding healthcare services not only in India but also in the world. This is the nursing care that is operated at home. Under this nursing care at home service, there are common services such as Elderly Care, Basic Care, and Critical Care. All the services have their respective goals.

Ansh Ambulance Service provides Home Nursing Care medical privileges with a complete ICU and non-ICU medical setup. Any type of severe or normal patient can easily get full-time medication at their homes. Our medical team unit visit and take care of the patient without any delay. We send our on-call doctors, nurses, medical staff, and paramedical technicians to the needy person’s home to visit the patient from time to time.
Today, Nursing Care at Home Service has become more popular than nursing homes. Both critical care patients and basic care patients can get these nursing care services at home respectively.

Ansh Ambulance Service provides this Nursing Care at Home services with different medical setups. This nursing service categorizes three groups of healthcare unit that operates this home base medication service.

For Critical Care Patient:

This is the highly intensive care unit in a medical setup. A series of all emergency medical equipment is available to the patient at home. The name of this emergency medical equipment is Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Infusion Pump, Nebulizer, Suction Machine, Oxygen Cylinders, and the entire sets of advanced life stocks.

One expert Intensive Care Unit Doctor and one trained paramedic are appointed to take care and monitor the patient regularly. The doctor visits in time and examines and treats the patient whereas the paramedic takes care of the patient round the clock. Under the direction of the doctor, the paramedic examines the patient and gives medication.

For Basic Care Patient:

Basic Care at Home is based on basic medication and ward-like treatment service privileges. In this basic care at home, the medical setup is based on a cardiac monitor, oxygen support, suction machine, syringe, injection, and basic medication.

One trained nurse or paramedical technician is appointed to monitor and treat the patient at home. They follow the prescribed guidelines of medical and take care of the patient. They easily operate oxygen; administer an injection, and sline in accordance with the patient's treatment.

For Elderly Care:

Today, many old parents whose sons and daughters reside far from home. They need elderly care at home. In this situation, Elderly Care plays a very important role to keep pleasant. This Elderly Care at Home service must be trustworthy and familiar to them.

Under this Elderly Care, first aid and basic care medication are also available to them round the clock. One healthcare member helps them at home.

For Ventilator & full-time Oxygen Support at Home:

This home service company provides both Ventilator Support & Doctor at Home for critical care patients. This is one of the highly demanding nursing cares at home services in Patna right now. This home service provides all the modules of ventilator support services at home to neonatal, mature, and old age patients.

Besides ventilator support, this nursing care at home service provider offers full-time oxygen support services. This company provides Jumbo, B2Type, Portable, and Medical Oxygen Cylinders to the patients at home. One Medical attendant regulates this oxygen supply to the patient.

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