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Blood Collection at Home in Patna

Mainly, Home Nursing Care Patients and bedridden patients who are lying in bed at home; need to get their blood samples examined in the lab. Then, Blood Collection Services at Home helps them.

ANSH Ambulance Service in Patna is the best and the most reliable blood collection at the home service provider. This ambulance company is associated with different labs in Patna to examine this work with the trusted report. The medical team unit of this ambulance company collects the blood sample arriving at the patient's home and within a span of time provides them authentic reports.

We provide three popular methods of blood collection at home in Patna:

1.Arterial Sampling
2.Venipuncture Sampling
3.Fingerstick Sampling

Generally, there are various types of Blood Samples; those are following:-
  • Venous Blood
  • Arterial Blood
  • Capillary Blood
  • Serum
  • Plasma
  • Buffy Coat
Venous blood:

It is one of the easiest ways to collect blood sample. It is also free of complications. Blood is taken from the superficial veins.
The commonest site is the antecubital fossa because of the presence of basilic vein, cephalic vein; median cubital veins are the commonest veins. Veins of the wrist or hand may be used. Another site is the femoral vein.

Arterial blood:

Arterial blood is used to measure arterial blood gases, like oxygen, CO2, and pH. Arterial puncture is more difficult than the venous sample. The Brachial and radial arteries are often used; the femoral artery is usually avoided because of bleeding.

Capillary blood:

It is mostly used in the pediatric patient’s group where there is no need for a large amount of blood. The common sites are the fingertips, heel, and ear lobe. The heel is most commonly used in infants.

We provide our expert lab technician to collect these blood samples in Patna.

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