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Airlines Commercial Stretcher Service

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Commercial Airway Stretcher or Commercial Airline Stretcher is the second form of Aeromedical Rescue Service System. This aeromedical rescue service is based on commercial flights such as Air India, Go Air, Air Asia, IndiGo, Vistara, and so on. Mainly, this air ambulance service is a scheduled medical flight that takes time to transfer a patient in India or out of India. In this medical flight, all the passengers travel along with the patient and it is a general flight.

About Commercial Stretcher Module:

This is a stretcher that is fitted in place of 6-8 passengers’ seats. The operational and engineering team of the airport prepares this commercial stretcher at the last corners of passengers. The commercial stretcher fitting is a long time process that takes time.

Permission to transfer the Patients by Commercial Stretcher in India:

In fact, there are two types of patients that are not permitted as Fit of Flying – Highly Oxygen Required Patient and Highly Infected Patient. Many passengers travel along with the patients therefore observing their comfort highly sensitive patients are not allowed to fly by these commercial airlines.

Commercial Stretcher Fitting Class-

Commercial Airlines has many classes such as Economic, Business, and Premium. This is an economic class that is cheaper than others. Most people always want the lowest price aeromedical commercial stretcher and it is the best one.

Approximate time of Commercial Stretcher Fitting:

In fact, from beginning to end the approximate time is nearly 48-72 hours. After that time, Commercial Stretcher and all the procedure is completed to travel the patient.
First of all, Patients' medical reports and case summaries are under the process of permission. As permission is granted (Green Signal), the stretcher fitting work is in the queue. According to the desired airlines, the next procedure is started.

How does Ansh Air Ambulance Service provide this commercial stretcher service in India?

Ansh Ambulance Service is based in Patna provides all over India and abroad commercial stretcher service from this city or other. First of all, as per the requirement of patient transportation, this air ambulance company makes the guests understand everything about the medical journey.
After then, this ambulance company goes to further work like- Patient visits, Medical Urgency, Medical Requirements, Guest's budget, and all the probability of patients' transfer.
This ambulance service is a 24-hour service company that helps patients and their relatives for all moments of time.

This commercial stretcher service company provides doctors, paramedics, cardiac monitors, infusion pumps, suction machines, nebulizers, and all the basic and advanced life support assistance during this aeromedical journey. According to the need of the patients, this ambulance company offers all those medical supplements and support to them from one bed to the destination bed.

Portable Emergency Medical Equipment easily moves from one place to another place along with the patient. With the help of Road Ambulance Service, this ambulance service company provides completely Bed to Bed service privileges by this commercial airlines stretcher service.

Does Ansh Air Ambulance provide both Domestic and International Commercial Stretcher fitting services in India?

Of course, it is an air ambulance service that has both levels domestic and international commercial airlines air ambulance services. This air ambulance company operates domestic medical flights from Patna to anywhere in India whereas from Delhi to abroad medical flight services.

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