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Cardiac ALS & Oxygen BLS Road Ambulance

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Road Ambulance Service

ALS Ambulance stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulance that has A to Z emergency medical equipment and setup are available to any type of severe patients. Generally, all types of severe patients are transferred from one hospital to another hospital with the help of this road ambulance service. Inside this ground ambulance, all the essential medical equipment sets are available whose names are Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Infusion Pump, Suction Machine, Oxygen Cylinders (B2 Types, Mini types, and Jumbo sizes), Defibrillator, Laryngoscopes, Nasal Masks, Emergency Medicines, Ambu Bags, and the basic and advanced life support devices . An expert ICU Team Unit regulates this road ambulance service for long and short distances.

Ansh Ambulance Service is established with a hygienic and full-time medical supporting team unit providing this ALS Ambulance Service. This ambulance service has the best ICU medical team unit (Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical Technicians, and Medical Associates) who take proper responsibility for this ground way ambulance service.

Basic Life Support Road Ambulance Service

BLS Ambulance stands for Basic Life Support Ambulance that has semi-ICU-like medical adjustments inside this ambulance service. This ambulance is mainly dedicated to accidental, normal, and home patients in India. This BLS Ambulance Service contains oxygen cylinders and some basic emergency medical accessories under the hand of an expert Paramedical Technician. Ansh Ambulance Service in Patna supplies oxygen, emergency medicines, suction facility, nebulization, and basic treatment inside this ambulance service.

In Patna, Bolero, Tavera, Sumo, Victa, Omni, and small vehicles are used as a BLS Ground Ambulance Service. Ansh Ambulance Service provides one doctor for this BLS Ambulance Service who is on-call to assist the paramedical technician. This ambulance service only provides this ambulance for a normal patient a recovered patient.

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