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On-call Doctor in Air, Road, & Train Ambulance

When an Air Ambulance, Train Ambulance, or Road Ambulance transfers a patient then one On-Call doctor is also appointed to assist the medical team. This on-call doctor is MD or ICU Specialist who helps the medical team unit in occurrence.
This is an on-call doctor that is well-committed with the prior medical consultant doctor and gets the patient's entire medical report.

Air Charter Ambulance Medical Team

In fact, Charter Aircraft Medical Flight is based on an expert team of Emergency Medical Service. There are medical members available inside the air charter ambulance – Doctor and Paramedical Technician.

Train Ambulance full-ICU Package

This is the train medical transportation service where the patient needs full-time Intensive Care Unit and Medication. Here, One doctor and one paramedical technician also monitor and take care of the patient.

ALS Road Ambulance with Doctor

Cardiac Ambulance or Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulance Service consists of complete Intensive Care Unit medical setups. On-demand, this ambulance carries one Doctor and Paramedical technician who monitor and care for the patient.

All the medical evacuation services (Aeromedical, Railway, and Roadway) are based on on-call doctors. This doctor is a specialist in different departments of the emergency Intensive Care Unit. According to the requirement of the patients, ANSH Ambulance Service provides this on-call doctor to treat the patient with full responsibility.

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