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Ansh Ambulance Service is the most searching ambulance service company in Patna, Bihar. It is beacuse of this ambulance service company totally standing up with a team of Intensive Care Unit Experts. All of them have been transferring the patients all over India by Air Ambulance, Train Ambulance, and Road Ambulance Service.

Ansh Ambulance Service is one of the quickest and high-alert emergency and accidental patient transportation services in Patna. Now at present, this ambulance service provides all the medium of medical evacuation services from Patna to anywhere in India. This ambulance service facilitates the problems of patients to transfer in local and domestic hospitals with full Medical Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Supplies.

24/7 Hours Emergency and Non-Emergency Ambulance Service on Call in Patna

Ansh Ambulance Service is a 24/7 Hour patient’s shifting ambulance service that provides ALS Ambulance, BLS Ambulance, AC Ambulance, Local Ambulance, National Ambulance, Air Ambulance, Wheelchair, Air Charter Medical Flight, Commercial Airlines Stretcher, Train Medical Transfer Service, Normal Ambulance, and Emergency Ambulance Service. Withstanding up an expert Emergency Expert Team, This ambulance service takes full-time on-call instant responsibility to help the needy persons.

Why Patnaties Choose Ansh Ambulance Service:

The Expert and Experienced EMTs (Doctors, MD Physicians, MD Anesthesia, Paramedical Technicians, Nurses, and Medical Personnel) who are responsible for the patients from the primary bed to the destination bed

Highly Recommended and Latest Technique of Severe or Emergency Patients’ Evacuation with the entire sets of medical equipment

The set of emergency equipment is very supportive and hi-tech made such as Portable Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Respirator, Oxygen Cylinders, Infusion Machine, Suction Pump, Nebulizer, Laryngoscope, Ambu Bags, Regulator, All types of Masks, and so on.

ALS Ground Ambulance Service is a mediator in all the medical evacuation services such as Air Ambulance, Train Ambulance, Commercial Stretcher, and itself.

The cost of Ambulance Service is affordable for all classes of people. The ambulance cost is updated from time to time for Air Ambulance and Train Medical Transportation Service.

Our Experts

Ansh Ambulance Service is a complete solution of patients' transportation all over India. This is a medically registred emergency and non-emergency ambulance company that provides all types of ambulance services in Patna as well as India.

This ambulance company is well-established with a huge team of Medical Intensive Care Unit Team Units in which ICU Doctor, MBBS Doctor, MD, Nurses, Paramedical Technician, and ICU Caretakers.

Our Emergency Ambulance Services

Air Ambulance Service

Ansh Ambulance Service is India's most loving Air Charter Ambulance Service. This ambulance service provides India's top-notch emergency medical equipment setup and ICU specialists inside this air ambulance service. Air Ambulance Service in Patna is one of highly demanding air charter ambulance services where the mostly patients go to Delhi and the other major cities for their higher medical treatment.

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Train Ambulance

Train Ambulance Service is one of the second best options to transfer the patients. This railway medical transportation service is a scheduled Medicare displacement where the entire sets of medical accessories and caretakers take care of the patient.
Ansh Ambulance Service provides Train Ambulance Service in Rajdhani Express Train, Duronto Exp., or the location wise fastest Trains. The Class of 2nd or 1st AC is chosen to preare the medical intensive care unit setup.

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ALS Road Ambulance

Ansh Ambulance Service provides Advanced Cardiac Life Support roadway ambulance services for different severe patients. This registered ambulance company provides Caridac Setup, Neonatal Setup, CCU Setup, SICU Setup, Neuro Setup, and ICU setup in ALS Road Ambulance Service.
A team of Emergency Medical ICU Specialists monitor the patient and properly take care of him/her. Inside this road ambulance service, there are A to Z emergency medical accessories avaiable to the patients.

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Commercial Stretcher

Commercial Stretcher in Airlines is another option to transfer the patient aeromedically. This scoop stretcher fitting in airlines is a scheduled medical flight where the economical and business classes are used to settle stretcher.
Ansh Ambulance Service provides this stretcher fitting air ambulance service in all the airlines such as- Air India, Go Air, Vistara, IndiGo, and SpiceJet flights.

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BLS Road Ambulance

BLS stands for Basic Life Support Ambulance Service. This ambulance consists of oxygen cylinders and some basic life stocks to monitor and treat the patient.
Ansh Ambulance Service provides one ICU trained paramedical technician to take care of the patient inside this ambulance service.

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Home Nursing Care

Home Nursing Care or Nursing Care at Home is a residential patient's care service. This ambulance service provides this Home Nursing Care offering doctors' visits, nurses, and parmedical technician in connection with the patient's vigilence.
Ansh Ambulance Service is a well-associated with all the emergency medicare team unit and emergency equipment.

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Our Success Stories

We are presenting some of our patients' transportation services all over India. We are receiving many congratuation letters and good feedback from the reputed people and white collars. We and our medical team are very thankful to them who always express and share their hearty gratitude with us.

Ansh Air & Train Ambulance Services in India.

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